Loan Debt Reunification

All your debts in the same account thanks to Bank Unit of Bankate. The entity allows through this system to unify the total payment of your credits, regardless of the amount or type of company where you have requested, and thus pay a single fee including the mortgage in certain cases. Request it is very simple and fast, just fill in the personal data and the online system takes care of the rest, evaluating and approving the management in a period of up to 40 years to pay off the debt and all without leaving the living room of your home.

Transforming those arrears in a single and convenient monthly payment, also allows peace of mind to return to our pockets. The credit card, car expenses, housing and even loans on vacations and planned trips. The Bankate Group, at the same time, allows to reduce the total amount of this monthly payment and with a very low amortization rate, in comparison with similar unification credits that are quoted in the Spanish banking market. It has the guarantee of the entity that has always been at the forefront of banking in Europe and that is supported with quality of service and attention with a vision of the future that it shares at all times.

Single cost

Up to 40 years to pay including mortgage-based loans on cars and homes. In addition, personal loans guarantee reliable and transparent treatment, avoiding hidden and even dishonest charges. The maximum amount is 60,000 euros, regardless of the type of debt you have. As advantages of the bank Unit is that as the credits are unified in a single cost, the monthly interest on the balance is also reduced and the total amount has a reduction that directly benefits the user.

From the same account you can enter personal loans, credits with a maximum amount of 30,000 euros with fixed fees that are canceled in up to 84 months. You do not need to have an account in Bankate or justify your expenses, the application is made without payroll or current receipts and is usually approved in less than a day. In the case of Loan Car Bankate, you can buy your vehicle with fairly viable amortizations and attractive rates. The amount to finance is at your discretion, as well as the total amount of the monthly fee. The management can be done by telephone with the service system of the financial institution.



The credit is requested free of charge and without cumbersome and complex personal procedures. Everything you can manage from your own home and in less than what you think, your money ready in the bank account you prefer. The Bankate Financial Group approves the majority of credits in 48 hours or less and with installments arranged in a total time of up to 84 months or better number if you reach an agreement. The online banking service is available 24 hours a day for any questions or comments, as well as for specific services that you want to activate.

The end of the year is here and there is no better gift than to be free of debt. Bankate supports your economy with a fast, simple and convenient credit. It adapts to your needs without complications and you do not need more requirements than the willingness to request it and start 2015 in the best way.

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