Loan Without Work Despite Private Credit

With private credit, consumers refer to almost always negative features, although the credit protection association collects and passes on predominantly neutral data such as borrowed loans or granted credit lines. Also existing negative entries have different effects on the creditworthiness, as the private credit itself differentiates between hard and soft features. Being unemployed is not

Loan Debt Reunification

All your debts in the same account thanks to Bank Unit of Bankate. The entity allows through this system to unify the total payment of your credits, regardless of the amount or type of company where you have requested, and thus pay a single fee including the mortgage in certain cases. Request it is very simple and fast,

Check Credit Liabilities

Receiving a report on your current credit indebtedness is very easy and fast by checking the Credit Register. It is through it that you can check if you are in the system, and you need to submit a “Debt Consolidation Request” document. The document is filed personally or if you do not have the opportunity

How to recover debt abroad?

Debt recovery is not a simple matter. All the more when the debtor is hiding abroad. Is there a chance to receive money in this situation? Or maybe you have to accept their total loss? Debts are not surprising – many of us have them, for example in the form of loans. However, the matter